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A unique addition to any annual program...

This innovative donor development program has been a huge success in the UK for over 10 years. Through a strategic partnership, HCB Canada has developed this program for the North American marketplace.

How it works

The Home Charity Box™ is used like a piggybank to collect loose change from family members and visitors.

Traditionally, the initial communication with a prospective donor contains a request for financial support after which charities try to extend the relationship through a combination of stewardship and solicitation communications. Home Charity Box™ was created from a donor's perspective.

The basis of the Home Charity Box™ program is to build a relationship with the donor prior to making a financial ask. Starting with a telephone contact, a potential donor is asked to accept — by mail — a small cardboard "house" that is to be placed in their home. This innovative fundraising instrument has the capacity to engage entire households in your cause.

Endless, Cost-effective benefits...

  • A daily reminder of the cause and your donor's commitment.
  • Allows first contact to be free of financial solicitation.
  • Fosters building a relationship with the charity supporter.
  • Unique fundraising tool.
  • Has the potential to increase monthly conversion rates and maximize monthly donations.
  • Ideal opportunity to turn special event participants into committed donors.

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Home Chairty box created for Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation by HCB Canada. Testimonial from Melissa Beauchamp -- Manager, Donor Relations and Community Giving. MARKHAM STOUFFVILLE HOSPITAL FOUNDATION.

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